wholesale filling machine, With this machine, you can easily pack ice cream and work automatically and get cheap and best price.


Ice cream packing machine-filling machine wholesale

Ice cream packing machine-filling machine wholesale

Ice cream packing machine is the most used machines in industrial ice cream production. So the packing machine together with all the ice cream filling  machines is a good set.Of course, there should be a ice cream packing machine at the bottom of each ice cream production line, after the freezing tunnel, ice cream is sent directly to the packaging.


Of course, the number of rows of this machine depends on the ice cream production capacity, which varies from 1 to 16 rows. Ice cream packing machine comes in many different types Which you choose according to your production capacity.
Of course, because we are part of the good producers of ice cream industry in the Middle East Therefore, buying an industrial ice cream product from the company Beanisa means a special discount for you Because you, who are the buyer of Beanisa products, have got the best deal by buying quality devices at cheap prices.

Of course, there are cheaper devices on the world markets, but you need to know that the quality of our products will not be. Beanisa company can have a history of work send all devices to the rest of the world by ship.
Our technicians are with you from the beginning until the machines produce ice cream. You just select the ice cream you want. Our consultants will introduce the devices you need, to easily buy and start ice cream production. In fact, our advisers and technicians are up to you with the last step of setting up your devices. The satisfaction of our previous customers can be a strong reason for this.

ice cream packing machine 
the wrapping machine is built on a sturdy frame that covered with stainless steel sheeting. All part coming into contract with the products are made of stainless steel materials for easy cleaning and sanitation. The wrapping machine syncronized with the conveyor and extractor. The in-line wrapper is suitable for both hot and cold seal wraps.
All parts of the machine’s IPS machine are made of stainless steel and work with all the years without problems.


rotary cup filling machines price

ice cream packing  size

The Beanisa Packing Machine is automatic for all types of ice cream. The packaging machine also has the ability to install along all ice cream lines.

The unique advantages of the Beanisa Ice Cream Packing Machine:

  • Protect ice cream against light, moisture, heat and dust
  • Ability to pack products in different dimensions and at high speed without waste
  • It has a protective sensor that interrupts the power of the device when it touches the gate
  • its made of stainless steel and It can adjust the speed of the device

ice cream candy pouch packing 

candy pouch is a type of ice cream that interested to many children Considering the many fans of this kind of ice cream in the world, our company is trying to produce this type of machine and in this case our company is the best.

Of course, this type of ice cream is a mixture of syrup and ice cream, So it should be carefully packed. This machine is very affordable, but it is inexpensive, so it can be produced at a low cost.

type of filling machine

Beanisa’s company has managed to have skilled designers, make different types of this machine.

Different Types of filling machine:

filling machine manufacturers 

There are a lot of countries in the world who are engaged in the production of filling machine , But fortunately, we are the only manufacturers in the industry.
You can easily buy different types of this device online, we will send the device anywhere in the world. One of the advantages of this device is that it does not need to be launched  and the buyer can turn the device into ice cream production and packaging