Rotary machine 12 line types are produced in Iran. With this model, you can produce 12,000 ice cream per hour. Which is in terms of quality and price is superb and classy. So contact us to buy it.


Rotary automatic machine 12 line types price

rotary machine 12 line types

Rotary machine 12 line types can be obtained through this company. The rotary machine has a lot of variations, one of which is line 12. Good price and good quality.

rotary machine

What kind of equipment is needed to produce any type of ice cream? Do you know that you can buy high quality devices from us?

To provide high quality and high quality ice cream, it should have a well-equipped device. One of these devices is suitable for rotary machine 12 line.

rotary machine

Ice cream is one of the best-selling nutrients in the present era. Most of it comes from milk. Which has a great effect on the body.

What is a rotary machine?

This is one of the best-selling industrial devices that has many advantages. Because it is automatic, it is very fast to produce a large number of ice cream in a short time.

rotary ice cream filling machine

Selling each model of ice cream machine through this company. Which owns the rotary machine 12 line types.

Rotary machine 12 line types

Types of automatic rotary machine included

  • Rotary machine 12 line
  • Rotary machine 10 line
  • Rotary machine 8 line


Each of these devices has some of the same characteristics in terms of alloys. And as the number of lines increases, the speed of ice cream production increases more hours.

But the features of all these devices are very high and classy:

  1. Made from stainless steel
  2. A short time of ice cream is produced
  3. Automatic
  4. It consists of electronic components
  5. The error rate is zero
  6. High performance over time
  7. The failure of these devices is very small.


The maker of a variety of ice cream machines has a great ability to produce any model of the device. Here is a small mention here. But you can contact us via the contact number on the site. Buy


Sales price of rotary automatic machine

The price of these devices is very good and comes with the best of raw materials and electronic components.


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