ice cream freezer wholesale, The freezers work with freon or ammonia gas and you can use a large and inexpensive price for your factory and produce special ice cream.


commercial ice cream freezer price wholesale

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commercial ice cream freezer price

commercial ice cream freezer

You can order a variety of ice creams and ice cream makers through this company. You can make and supply any type of ice cream with these devices. The company designs a variety of freezers for ice creams. Each of them has different and new features and models. These freezers are fully automatic and industrial. It is recommended that you build the devices according to your product line and factory. In this section, we will introduce a variety of manufactured ferries.

  • Ammonia freezer
  • Freon freezer

These two freezers work on either ammonia or freon gas, and each has an important feature. And can be changed according to customer’s request. But these two devices have the following models that include:

  • Sf 1200
  • Sf 1000
  • Sf 800
  • Sf 600
  • Sf 400

commercial ice cream freezer price

The common advantages of these two devices

There are many benefits and are summarized:

  1. Made of stainless steel
  2. It has chromium coating and abrasion protection
  3. Rust is not caused by the appearance of a class
  4. Washable
  5. The price offered is appropriate
  6. Different and new models
  7. You can produce any kind of ice cream
  8. Not harmful to the environment
  9. Based on International Standards
  10. After-sales service
  11. Guaranteed

commercial ice cream freezer price

commercial ice cream freezer price wholesale

You can get the most out of this device. The ice cream machine produced is of great quality and price, and you can buy a cheap ice cream freezer from Beanisa Company in Iran without any interruption in production. The sale of a variety of industrial devices is largely through the company and its sales managers. You can contact the Trading Department of the company and inform us of the information and decision to make your purchase.