fruit feeder machine price, This machine is made to produce special ice cream with which you can make a kind of ice cream with a flavor of nuts, which is very tasty and cheap.


Filling Machine Price/Manufacturing And Export 2019

filling machine price

Filling machine price In 2019 was at the lowest level in the company of BEANISA. We compete with other brands, attract more customers and export more, so we’ve decided to cheapen our devices.We know that all customers are initially considering the price, so we have tried to keep prices low due to the high quality of all the products of the company BEANISA.

Different kinds of rotary filling machine are designed at BEANISA Company, all of which have high quality and high capacity. If you want to produce ice cream without difficulty and high capacity, be sure to contact BEANISA.

Filling machine price in India

The price of Industrial ice cream machine is important all over the world. But it’s more important in India because a lot of people in India are looking to set up industrial ice cream factories. Filing machine  is determined by its type of activity. This device has a lot of capabilities, that is, you can produce a variety of cup and cone ice creams with.

One of the most important features of this machine is that there is no need to install by engineers, and the manufacturer can easily launch it at their factory and produce ice cream.
You can easily make ice cream after having a freezer and filling machine and fruit feeder. So get started now and get these inexpensive machines and start your ice cream factory. We are with you and guide you through all the steps.

what is the best commercial ice cream maker?

We can safely say that all of the machine tools for the ice cream industry of BEANISA are among the best in the world.Because all the devices purchased over 30 years ago from our companies continue to work on their own.


BEANISA Company manufactures various types of rotary and extrusion machines, all of which have high capacity for ice cream production.
For our engineers, a good device should produce ice cream without stopping. Also, all its components are of original stainless steel, which can be completely rinsed, which is very important for health.
Of course, all of its electronic components should be the best and most famous brands in the world, so that they can work continuously.

Fruit Ice Cream Mixer machine

Suitable for mixing the pieces of fruit, pistachio, scaly cream etc in ice cream.
All the foods that are added to the ice cream or are used to blush on them have a lot of effect on their sales. Because the taste of ice cream is much better with the help of these foods.
We can also create new flavors and then we will have more buyers. Therefore, a fruit feeder device is one of the most compelling devices a maker of ice cream should buy.
Of course, this device is very affordable, but its use is very high.

If 2000 Ingredient feeder

  • Compact design
  • High flexibility
  • full stainless steel construction
  • equipped with wheels
  • Tow separate tank

Technical specification

  1. Capacity                                   1000 L
  2. Electrical supply                    380V
  3. Power consumption              1/2 KW
  4. Dimension                              160*150*75


fruit feeder price|best fruit feeder machine

Fruit feeder ice cream price

Fruit feeder  ice cream price as a very low ice cream machine. You can buy the fruit feeder at the best possible prices from us as soon as possible.

fruit feeder price

One of the machines that are bought in Iran and delicious ice cream is produced. Fruit feeder machine. Which is the best part in the production of this device.

What is a Fruit Feeder Machine?

One of the industrial machines used to make nuts with ice cream is a fruit feeder. Ice cream is placed in the tanks of this machine and is added to almonds, walnuts, pistachios, dried cream, chocolate and so on. With this type of knitted ice cream machine, this ice cream has a good taste and is very much appreciated by customers throughout Iran. It is recommended to buy this device and produce new ice cream at a low price.

fruit feeder ice cream price

Fruit feeder ice cream price

The price of the fruit feeder machine is very cheap. And in the technology of this industrial machine, the best electronic and mechanical components are used. However, a good price is set for customers to order from the company at the best price.

What is the best fruit feeder machine?

You can buy any kind of fruit feeder with the best quality from us. Determining the quality of the device is very important to us. The company has been working hard to offer quality products and best prices to attract many customers. So you can buy a cheap but high quality fruit feeder machine new.

There are a lot of manufacturers in the world who can make ice cream makers, but the quality and price of two items is important in 2019 we have paid more attention to these two so that we can produce and sell the most ice cream makers. Since the ice cream machine industry is very expensive and complex. But we have been able to achieve breakthroughs in this regard.

Fruit feeder ice cream price

Advantages of the fruit feeder machine

This device has many features that include:

  1. It has a European road
  2. High quality
  3. The price is for the price
  4. After-sales service
  5. Made of the finest pieces
  6. Guaranteed
  7. Easy to install
  8. Automatic

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