Commercial ammonia freezer is one of the required freezers that are supplied with ammonia gas. This freezer has a capacity of 400 to 1200, and each model has a different production capacity.


Commercial ammonia freezer SAF 800

Commercial ammonia freezer

Commercial ammonia freezer is required to produce ice cream at a massive level. Usually advanced devices are used for production. This machine has a variety of models that the model saf 800 is very suitable for producing high-capacity ice cream. The power and power of this machine is excellent.

ammonia freezer

Our goal is to offer the best ice cream making machines with professional and ideal design for our customers. So that they can reduce their concerns. At industrial and massive levels, ice cream should be of good quality in addition to the price.

This is achieved by having modern equipment and technology and technology.

Ammonia freezer

This device has very high power. It is used to produce any ice cream model. Ice cream production capacity is around 800 liters per hour. The kind of steel used in this device is of stainless steel.

Types of ammonia freezer

  • Ammonia freezer saf 1200
  • Ammonia freezer saf 1000
  • Ammonia freezer saf 800
  • Ammonia freezer saf 600

Ammonia freezer saf 800

This machine model can be used to produce any kind of traditional and industrial ice cream. Which produces 800 liters of ice cream per hour. In addition, it is made up of the finest quality and alloys.

ammonia freezer saf 800

The point that should be considered in the production of this device is the suitability of it and the types of pieces that are used. But we are sure that you will be happy to design the best device for you.

Commercial ammonia freezer

The ice cream machine is used at the mass production level and more industrially. This type of device should be equipped with world-class technology. Have a lot of strength and endurance over time.

ammonia freezer

Fortunately, the company has so far produced more than 500 freezers. Which is located in the first-class quality and customer-friendly. One way to contact a company.


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