Ammonia refrigerant sale is sold at low prices in Iran. You can use this device with the best specifications to produce excellent ice creams in short time.


Ammonia refrigerant for sale

Ammonia refrigerant for sale

Ammonia refrigerant for sale, to freeze for ice cream production. Of course, it is produced by ammonia or freon. The models of the freezers are very large. And each has a different capacity.

Ammonia refrigerant for sale

Ammonia freezer model

The models of the freezers are different. It is defined by capacity from 1200 liters to 400 liters per hour. That means you’ll have to buy this model for 400 liters of ice cream per hour, and you should buy higher models if you are producing ice cream. But in this company a variety of freezers are produced. Which can be changed and sold on request.

  • Sf 1200
  • Sf 1000
  • Sf 800
  • Sf 600
  • Sf 400

The freezers produced in the company have the best possible features. It has three parts:

  • Gear pump
  • Control panel
  • Defrost

These three parts are defined in ammonia freezers. And the structure of this device is made of steel and has high resistance to moisture and rust. Parts used in the control panel of the Japanese company. That’s a very first class. This device has many advantages that it is recommended to look at samples from the company Beanisa. And get more information from sales management.

Ammonia refrigerant for sale

ammonia refrigerant for sale

Selling this machine is done around the world. Customers in the world can buy any type of ice cream maker from the company at reasonable prices and quality. The sale of industrial machinery is carried out in different countries. And we’ve got a lot of customers in most places in the world. But it is recommended to check our samples. Because the structure used is valid from the brand. Small companies produce this type of device. Ammonia freezer is one of the best and most suitable freezers that can be exported to neighboring countries.

The company has a high profile. And it’s possible to sell this device around the world. Contact us to buy a variety of ice cream machines.

Ammonia refrigerant for sale