ammonia freezer systems, The function of this freezer is very good and works with ammonia gas. It is affordable and has a good quality grade.


ammonia freezer systems price

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ammonia freezer systems

How does the ammonia freezer function?

This ice cream maker is required for any ice cream maker. It is used industrially to produce ice cream. With this device you can create ice cream in short time. Which is made up of different types. Which is produced from sf 1200 to sf 400 by the company. The production capacity of each one is different and you can choose models based on the amount of ice cream production. At this point, we introduce the sF 600 ammonia freezer. It is very high quality and has the best resistance to any type of ice cream.

  • The chassis is all steel
  • The compressor has 20 horsepower
  • Electromotor is capable of 10 horsepower
  • Two piston pumps fitted with 2 horsepower
  • Control panel with central automatic key
  • All branded parts are used
  • You can produce any kind of ice cream
  • You can produce 600 liters of ice cream per hour
  • There is no limit to the type of ice cream with these freezers
  • With Freon or Ammonia gas, you can order to be made

ammonia freezer systems

ammonia freezer systems price

The price announced for each device is different. Because the type of construction and performance of each one is different. But this company is one of the most reputable companies that has emerged in the field of strong industry. And designs and sells a variety of ice cream makers as quickly as possible. Because they have powerful and young engineers who are professional in their work. You can easily order an ammonia freezer for your factory. The company is committed to announce the finished and finished products of each device so that customers can better work with us. Buying these devices through this site or negotiating in person may be for you.


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ammonia freezer systems