ammonia freezer production in Iran. We produce the best industrial machines in Iran, which are excellent in terms of price and quality. You can contact us to buy these products.


Ammonia Refrigeration production

Ammonia Refrigeration production

Ammonia Refrigeration production is at this factory and company. Beanisa Company sells a variety of industrial ice cream products at cheap and good prices. Ammonia freezer is one of the industrial devices needed to produce any type of ice cream.

Ammonia freezer

You need a variety of ice cream makers to produce good quality ice cream. The company produces the best devices. Which should use any manufacturer in the production of any product of modern equipment.

Here we introduce the freezer to meet your needs. The ammonia freezer is produced in various capacities. You can produce from 1200 to 400 liters of ice cream per hour. You can choose capacities based on the products of each factory.

Advantages of ammonia freezer

  • it is cheap
  • It is automatic
  • The first grade parts
  • Made of high quality alloy
  • Can be changed on order
  • Different types

freon freezer

The company produces the best ice creams. And in the freezers you can use ammonia or freon. And this demand is applicable on the order.

ammonia refrigeration production

You can contact the company to produce ammonia refrigerators and freezers. Order the best freezer. Beanisa Company has been able to produce various types of industrial equipment and export them to various countries.

Types of Freon Freezer

They work in highly qualified staff and engineers who are familiar with each other. And the ability to produce ammonia freezer types. You can contact us to create and order.

Just have to contact us. So that experts can solve your need as soon as possible. And give you the necessary information. The company has professional principles. And our goals are to provide the best customer service.

ammonia freezer saf 600 for production ice cream

ammonia freezer saf 600

ammonia freezer SaF 600 is one of the most important ice cream products. Ammonia freezer has various capacities to produce ice cream. You need to buy this device to make ice cream. Cheap and quality is good. There are different types.

ammonia freezer

Ammonia Freezer is one of the most important machines in the ice cream industry. Do you know what it is? Isa We know you can buy a reputable beanisa company from a variety of ice cream machines.

ammonia freezer

Ammonia freezer saf 600

This device is manufactured in a very good quality at the factory. Ammonia refrigerated refrigerators. There is a lot of shelf life. During the time, there is very little chance of failure. Has several capacities

sale ammonia freezer

Ammonia freezer has different types. May we describe them here.

  1. Ammonia freezer sf 1200
  2. Ammonia freezer sf 1000
  3. Ammonia freezer sf 800
  4. Ammonia freezer sf 600

ammonia freezer

Each of these fridges has a different capacity. But they are the same in terms of quality, just the more the refrigerator model goes. The production capacity of ice cream increases per hour.

ammonia freezer

 Ammonia freezer sf 1200: has a high ice cream production capacity. At 1200 liters of ice cream is produced.

Ammonia freezer sf 100: The closure capacity per hour is about 1000 liters.

Ammonia freezer sf 800: The ability to produce ice cream per hour is about 800 liters. And the above models are less.

Ammonia freezer sf 600: per hour produces 600 liters of ice cream.

Ammonia freezer

as you see. Production capacity varies in different models. And you can choose each one based on your needs.

Production ammonia freezer

This machine is manufactured at the factory. Which is based on the best stainless steel alloy. It also has the capacity to produce all models of ice cream. That customers can produce good products by purchasing this product.

ammonia freezer

The ice cream maker is offered at the factory with the best price and quality design and customers in the ice cream industry.