filling machine

With this machine, you can easily pack from 50 to 1000 grams. Without interrupting the packaging. The production with this device is very easy for you. You can easily pack and market ice cream with rotary filling machines manufactured by Beanisa Company.

This machine has many advantages that include

A:Strong and strong structure
B:High-efficiency operation
C:Easy installation
D:After-sales service
E:Works mechanically

filling machine

filling machines manufacturers 

There are many manufacturers in the ice cream industry. And different devices are made by many people and entered the market. But the company is one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the industry.
And has been able to produce and sell a very high number of devices. Relations with many countries have different customers in Iraq, China, Afghanistan and so on. And produced and supplied the best ice cream makers. Contact us to buy.

technical data

Capacity 1000-4000 pcs/h
Power supply 380 v
Power consumption 2-2-5
Air pressure 6
Main dimension A:200 b:150 c: 120
Air consumption 1000 1/h
Net weight 400

types of filling machine

A: Filling machine sf 1000
B: Filling machine sf 3000
C: Filling machine sf 4000