rotary automatic machine

Wooden ice cream is an important part of the ice cream market in the world. Accordingly, Bonissa Company offers high-efficiency new devices. A wooden ice cream machine is made by a rotary machine. Which is completely automatic. It is available in several models.

The technology of this device is designed to allow the customer to use high-performance devices every day. The rotary machine also has the ability to use Freon and Ammonia.

Features of this device include:

A: Controller panel equipped with plc and hml

B: Different capacities according to customer needs

C: Equipped with automatic washing system

D: Decrease maintenance costs

E: Completely sturdy structure

F: Excellent performance and high reliability

types of rotary machine:

  • rotary machine 12 line
  • rotary machine 10 line
  • rotary machine 8 line

Equipment of this machine includes:

  • A: Template page
  • B: Standard filler
  • C: Wood Line Machine
  • D: Linear sticker
  • E: Control panel
  • F: Packing Machine
  • G: Mold Washing System