fruit feeder

Fruit feeder machine is one of the devices needed in the ice cream industry. With this device, you can produce the best and most delicious ice cream. You need essential ice cream production.

A fruit feeder machine is used to produce ice cream that contains dried cream, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, chocolate pieces, fruit slices. This type of ice cream is very delicious.

One of the models of this sff 1000 is its unique features including:

A: Strong and sturdy structure
B: Made of stainless steel
C: Has two separate reservoirs
D: Compatible with other devices

technical data

model SFF1000
Capacity 1000L/h
Power supply 380 V-50 HZ
Power consumption 2.5-4
Main dimension L110/W100/H180
Net weight 300

Part of the fruit feeder’s benefits

  • A: High performance
  • B: Competitive with external specimen
  • C: Easy installation
  • D: After-sales service
  • E: Strong structure
  • F: Stainless steel
best fruit feeder machine

You can install a freezer and an automatic filling machine. The ice cream enters sff 1000 after leaving the freezer and the additives are blended and evenly mixed with the mixer and pump.