sandwich machine

Sandwich machine is designed for the production and packaging of sandwich ice cream. Which has the ability to produce ice cream in different colors and colors. The ss 5000 is one of the best-selling models. Made by the company with the best quality. This device has several parts. Each of which has a different performance.

Advantages of this machine include:
A:Strong structure
B:Stainless steel
C: high efficiency
D:Equipped with an electronic eye for cutting ice cream

technical data

Model ss 5000
Capacity 5000 pcs/h
Power supply 380v-50 hz
Power consumption 2.5-4
Main dimension L500/w110/h190
Net weight 600
sandwich machine

Any manufacturer needs modern equipment at the factory. Manufacturers can use this device to make ice cream in a layered form. This machine is equipped with an electronic eye for accurate cutting of ice cream. And is made up of an alloy of stainless steel. Which can be easily washed.
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