ammonia freezer

Beanisa Company has more than 50 years of experience in the ice cream industry. And for the convenience of the customers, they have designed a variety of ammonia freezer devices. These freezers have a variety of capacities (600-1200 liters), each of which has a different function

These freezers have a strong structure and are covered with stainless steel sheet. And all the equipment inside them is embedded. The Freezing Cylinder, which provides freeze ice cream, is made of stainless steel. And Chrome hard coating increases its resistance to wear

The mixer inside the cylinder is divided into 3 equal parts, and the 6 blade pieces are designed so that the smooth and uniform movement ensures the continuity of production and product quality.

Advantage of Ammonia freezer

A:high quality and product uniformity
B:controllable cooling
C:mass production capability
D:coordinate with other device devices
F:harmless for the environment

Parts used on this machine

A:Gear pumps

B:Control panel


Gear pumps: Two pumps are installed in front of the machine. The first pump provides the required mix of the device. And the second pump is taken from the main cylinder and transmitted to the desired device. The speed of the pumps is adjustable.

Control panel: The control panel is located above the freezer. The operation is as follows:

A: Display and calibration valve

B: Adjust the amount of air necessary to increase the volume of the product to 100%

C: View and adjust the device plc parameters

D: Automatic salting system

Defrost: In the event of frost due to sudden shutdown of the device, the hot gas will automatically deform to prevent damage to the product and apparatus.

Technical data


Saf 600

Saf 1200

Normal capacity 600L/H 1200L/H
Liquid refrigerate NH3 NH3
Required 18.5 24.6
Evaporating temperature -35C -35C
Mix inlet temperature +3C +3C
Ice cream outlet temperature -5.5/6C -5.5/6C
Dasher motor 11 15
Mix pump 1.5 2.2
Overall installed power 12.5 17.2
Main dimensions A 175 B 95 C 165 A 175 B 95 C 165
Net weight 800 860

Ammonia Freezer Samples

ammonia freezer

ammonia freezer

types of ammonia freezer

A: ammonia freezer sf 1200

B: ammonia freezer sf 1000

C: ammonia freezer sf 800

D: ammonia freezer sf 600

E: ammonia freezer sf 400


Customers can check the types of freezers and then order.The devices are designed and manufactured according to the taste and demand of buyers.