The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.


The company is committed to providing high quality products to customers. All ice cream machines have the right quality grade.All the company’s efforts are to be able to produce the best equipment and provide after-sales service


Perhaps one of the problems customers face. Order is easy. You can apply for any type of ice cream you want to easily apply. Call the experts to register your order. You will be contacted as soon as possible so that further action can be taken


One of the concerns of shoppers is to connect with large and reliable factories. But Beanisa company has taken measures. So buyers can easily contact the experts and buy the ice cream machine. And we want to be able to connect with us at a high speed

Lifetime Guarantee

The company has a very good reputation in the field of industry. And a technical and professional team are working to build high-quality products into the market. Therefore, the best parts and alloys are used to design the devices. And all devices have a warranty.

50 Years Experience

Beanisa’s company has been able to achieve great success in the industry by working day and night. We have been able to design and manufacture a wide variety of industrial devices. And in this regard, we have had great potential and we have achieved significant success. And has a great experience.


Usually buyers tend to buy products from manufacturers. To be able to get the required items at a good price and quality and benefit from the company’s services. You can order and buy directly with the company and contact the experts of any model of the device.

Why cooperate with us?

• Providing the best quality industrial ice cream machines
• Extensive communication with domestic and international markets for advanced ice cream industry
• Extensive communication with domestic and international markets for advanced ice cream industry
• A huge variety of products produced and supplied globally


Main goals

• Customer Orientation
• Continuous improvement of quality
• Provide after-sales services
• Teamwork
• Task
• Individual integrity and organizational health
• Maintain and balance stakeholder interests


Company policies

• Continuously improving the performance of the marketing and sales system and responding to customers. Implementing updated management systems
• Avoid bottlenecks in the supply and sale sectors and marketing for better customer support

• Design, create and improve the appropriate infrastructure for companies and customers


Organizational values

The organizational health and reliability of all customers, as well as the important issue of employee empowerment, attention to target markets and the needs of international domestic customers, and the constructive and growing engagement with all competitors has made it one of the most credible and trusted Companies selling and supplying industrial machinery and ice cream.

Missions and programs and projects

Attending the largest conferences and markets for the purchase and sale of ice cream machines, which can provide a simpler connection for our customers with Bonnie’s ice cream machines, with our trading company. The use of new methods for the trade of machines will bring the company closer to its business. The training of specialist personnel in the supply and sale department at the company’s commercial offices in other target countries, which will have a great deal of power in attracting the trust of international customers.


Beanisa ice cream machines company, with the acquisition of leading knowledge and technology in the supply and sale and marketing sector, committed employees and protecting customer information and target markets over the next 10 years, is the first domestically owned subsidiary of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the sale, supply and trade of ice cream industrial machinery in the region. And it will rank five in the world. Also, Beanisa plans to reach the world-wide supply of the best-quality equipment produced in domestic and export markets by 2030, which is unlikely to go through the business process and sales of the company. Not more than 50% of it is being realized.