fruit feeder sff 1000, One of the best models of a noodle ice cream machine. This device has a good quality and you can produce this type of ice cream at the very least. Sales are possible across the Middle East.

Best fruit feeder SFF 1000 and production in Pakistan

Best fruit feeder SFF 1000

best fruit feeder sff 1000 is produced and supplied by Beanisa. The company produces and offers a variety of ice cream makers with the highest quality and the cheapest price of the market. The ice cream machine is very suitable for all foreign customers. One of the ways to make ice cream is to have this machine.

fruit feeder

Some ice creams have a good taste. Inside them are used all kinds of fruit, nuts, chocolate. It’s better to buy this ice cream model for consumers who want to buy it.

 fruit feeder machine

Fruit feeder

This machine is used to produce ice creams that contain some food ingredients. This gives you a great taste and good energy. But with this machine you can add dry ice cream, such as walnuts, dried cream, chocolate pieces, fruits and more.

fruit feeder

It is therefore better for manufacturers to produce ice cream of the best quality and variety of the device.

Best fruit feeder sff 1000

This device model has the highest possible quality and features unique features. So you can make the most of it to produce different flavors of ice cream.

fruit feeder

Part of the features of the fruit feeder

  • Strong construction with high precision
  • High performance operation
  • Competitive with similar European
  • Easy installation
  • after sales service

fruit feeder

This device has two separate reservoirs that can mix two different types of additives simultaneously with the product.

Technical data

model sff 1000



1000 liter/h


Power supply


380 v-50 Hz


Power consumption (kw)




Main dimension (cm)



Net weight (kg) 300

We can produce various types  ice cream machine of the highest quality and to different countries.

Export fruit feeder to Pakistan

The company produces a fruit feeder that has a strong structure and high performance. It is manufactured and exported to Pakistan. You can order through the site.

fruit feeder