ice cream extruder lines machine

Ice cream extruder lines is one of the most unique machines in Iran that allows you to produce ice cream in short time. With this device, you can produce and sell delicious ice creams.

Ice cream machine buy


You need first-class devices to be able to produce good products. The company, which has a high reputation in Iran, has the best production and selling machines. In order to be able to buy from us, it is advisable to obtain related sales management and purchasing information.

Ice cream extruder lines

This machine can produce the most ice cream per hour. Its capacity is 12,000 ice cream per hour. And all the parts used are the best of the brands and the stainless steel alloy is used in the construction of the structure. The strength and endurance of this device is very high and the error in the extruder lines is zero. It’s better to have this machine to produce different flavors.

ice cream extruder lines

There are not many companies in the world. The number of creators of this device is small, and Beanisa is one of the companies in Iran that is trying to introduce its various products.

ice cream freezing machine

Along with this machine, you need a ice cream freezer. With the freezers manufactured by the company, you can produce and sell the best machines. These freezers are available in a variety of sizes, and in addition to two Freon and ammonia gas, which is selected according to the customer’s request. But Freon is usually used more often. With this freezer, you can produce and pack ice cream with the best refrigerator.

hardening tunnel for ice cream

In all ice cream machines, the tunnel is used and the ice cream is placed in this part, making the spinach does not start on the ice cream, and the quality of the ice cream is greatly increased. Therefore, a freezing tunnel is used on the whole ice cream machine. To this end, good ice creams and consumer needs are eliminated.

ice cream extruder lines

cup filling machine for sale

Another device that is recommended for your factory is the cup filling machine. Which has a high ice cream production capacity. And in the very sanitary containers you can fill the ice cream and export it to different countries. So, for a good choice, you can contact us and get advice.

ice cream extruder lines

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