Types of ammonia freezer

Types of ammonia freezer

Types of ammonia freezer are sold on cheap models (SF 1200-400). An industrial ammonia freezer is a type of ammonia freezer. And in its production quality has been given special attention.

Ammonia freezer

This machine is produced at the factory with the best price and quality. Very suitable for ice cream makers. To produce good quality ice cream, you need those freezers that can work with ammonia or freon.

There are many rivals in the ice cream industry today. In order to be successful in achieving your goals, you should pay attention to two items of quality and modern equipment. How should these devices be purchased?

Types of ammonia freezer

There are different types of devices. Which has some unique features. To help you know the features of this device, let’s introduce:

  1. Used to produce traditional and industrial ice cream
  2. Cheap
  3. Automatic
  4. Can be changed
  5. Standard
  6. It is made of stainless steel
  7. Has various capacities

Here you can choose one by one:

  • Ammonia freezer sf 1200
  • Ammonia freezer sf 1000
  • Ammonia freezer sf 800
  • Ammonia freezer sf 600
  • Ammonia freezer sf 400

With these models you can produce a capacity of 1200 liters per hour to 400 liters per hour of busters. Which is very suitable for your factory. Contact this site to purchase this product.

What is ammonia refrigeration system?

This device has high performance and efficiency. And it works by ammonia. This can be changed, depending on the customer’s status, to Freon. Due to the quality construction of this machine by the engineers and experts of this collection, we have been able to produce in high quantities and to export to different countries.


You can work with us through the same collection and website for the best professional devices that have been performing well. And become our regular customers.

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